Gaffar Delhi Market, Naiwala Keeps the market Close for 48 Hours for exploiting the covid protocols

Gaffar Delhi Market – Popular for cellphones and other electronic goods – is between three markets in the national capital that has been ordered to remain closed for 48 hours for violating the Covid-19 norm. While the Naiwala market and Gaffar at Karol Bagh will remain closed from 10 pm to 10 pm on July 11, the DDA market in Rohini Sector-13 will be closed until July 12.

“It has been decided to keep up the market closed due to excessive crowds and violations of Covid rules by the public and shop owners. However, shops related to important services will remain open,” said the Rohini Sub-Division Judge.

The market association has also been asked to prepare a detailed plan to ensure the compliance of Covid rules, the official said. The order of the Delhi government also stated that the market welfare association of Gaffar and Naiwala Market had “failed to ensure strict compliance with Covid-19 guidelines”.

Lajpat Nagar, Laxmi Nagar Market, Kamla Nagar, Sarojini Nagar and the conscious part of the Bazar were among those closed in recent weeks by Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) for violating Norma Covid-19. Delhi recorded 81 fresh Covid-19 cases and three more deaths with a 0.11 per cent participant on Friday, the authorities said.

Despite being included in the past few days, Chairman of the Minister of Arvind Kelamwal recently warned that the chance of the third wave of this pandemic was quite real while confirming that his government was preparing it to fight “farting fights” to combat it.

Delhi has staggered under the second wave of the brutal pandemic, which swept the country, claiming many lives every day. However, the number of cases has shown. A downward trend and the progress has shrunk in the past few days. The number of the total deaths per day has also shown a decline in the last few days.

According to data distributed by the Ministry of Health, the national capital recorded 93 fresh Covid-19 cases and the following three deaths from the disease on Thursday.

The level of participants reaches 0.12 per cent, the same number on Wednesday. According to the latest bulletin, the three new fatalities have encouraged the death toll in the city to 25.008.

On Tuesday, Delhi reported the 79 cases and total of four deaths. And, on Wednesday, the total 93 cases and four deaths were recorded, according to the official given figures.

According to those numbers, on February 16, ninety-four were diagnosed with a positive covid while the daily calculation was 96 on January 27. The rate of infection, which reached 36 per cent in the last week of April. It has dropped to below 0.15 per cent now.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Minister Arvind Kejriwal Chairman on Wednesday inaugurated a Laboratory Sequencing Genom at ILBS Hospital here and said Delhi people would greatly benefit from this facility.

This is the second laboratory in Delhi, and which is far more advanced than inaugurated by Kejriwal on Tuesday at the LNJP hospital. He said that it would detect the death of the Coronavirus variant and help the government prepare it.

Although included in the daily case in the past few days, Kejriwal recently warned that the chance of the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic was quite natural, while he stressed that his government was preparing for “war footing” to fight it.