First Yogi, Now Sadhvi: A Brawl to change and switch names of the places

Senior BJP pioneer Uma Bharti and the gathering’s Lok Sabha MP Pragya Singh Thakur. She has requested renaming specific spots in and around Bhopal, including Halali Dam Islam Nagar.

Bharti, on Monday, looked for the renaming of Halali Dam.

Saying the current name passes on a feeling of “double-crossing and disdain”. Pragya Thakur, the BJP Lok Sabha part from Bhopal. On Tuesday upheld Ms. Bharti’s interest and looked for a change in names of some different spots.

Including Lal Ghati Islam Nagar, in the Madhya Pradesh capital. Ms. Bharti has composed a letter to Berasia BJP MLA Vishnu Khatri. Saying the name “Halali” is an “outflow of double-crossing, trickery. Cruelty in authentic viewpoint.”

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The previous Union clergyman asked Mr. Khatri to take up a name change with Minister for Culture and Tourism Usha Thakur.

The dam falls under the Berasia Assembly fragment of the Bhopal area.

In her letter, Ms. Bharti said Dost Mohammed Khan, the author of Bhopal’s territory, had slaughtered his neighborly lords at Halali.

Where the close-by stream’s water had turned red because of their blood. “So the name of this spot inspires a feeling of scorn,” the previous Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister said.

The BJP pioneer said according to as far as anyone is concerned, the name of the spot has been changed.

Then again, MLA Khatri disclosed to PTI that the water body’s name is Samrat Ashok Dam in government records. In any case, the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation composes the spot. As Halali Dam on their billboards, he said.

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According to government records, the decision party MLA said he had composed a letter to Minister Usha Thakur. Encouraging her to change the site’s name (to Samrat Ashok Dam). Neighborhood inhabitants have requested that Islam Nagar’s name be changed. As there was no such spot before. Lal Ghati was named due to the Dost Mohammed Khanchild’s killed.

“Halali was named so as Hindu lords were executed there.”

To restore a natural history. All these names are to be renamed. Uma didi is putting forth attempts in such a manner (for renaming). I’m additionally putting forth attempts toward this path, Pragya Thakur said.