Facebook Launches A New Chat App For Couples-‘Tuned’

Facebook on Tuesday introduces a new mobile application for couples name it Tuned. This application allow couples to share music, photos, and chat. Also allow to them have a timeline of shared memories.

Facebook originator Mark Zuckerberg announced last month he saw the organization as going towards the forefront of online dating having promised at the starting an application “for building real long-term relationships …not just hook-ups.”

After launching Facebook Dating last year, the company releases social applications for, especially couples. This is giving them a platform particularly for their relationship where they can make a virtual scrapbook together, track each other’s moods and share songs.

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team design Tuned (the application). It is a small group of developers founded last year in summer. This group of developers is responsible for developing new innovative apps. If their inventions turn out to be a failure with the people, they simply delete the app from the stores and discontinued. They define the application as “a private space where you and your significant other can just be yourselves”.

According to data from industry site Sensor Tower, the app is currently accessible only on Apple’s App Store in the United States and Canada.

Sensor Tower also told that the Tuned currently rated No 872 in the United States. And No 550 in Canada in the social networking section. This particular application gives couples a personal space for their memories, talks, and sentiments, letting users be as romantic, quirky and stupid as they are together in person, even when they’re distant.”

They can share feed that works like a scrapbook where the couple can share photos. They can also tell about their feelings, songs from Spotify, notes and more with their companion.

Currently, there is another app available by the NPE Unit that is accessible for download is named Hobbi. It a Pinterest-like competitor for hobbyists. Earlier, the company launched Whale, a meme-creating app that was only accessible in Canada, but it has since been stopped.