Exciting New Features Added In Squad Alpha 16

Since its release in December 2015, Squad has been getting a lot of popularity amongst many PC gamers. It is an online multiplayer first-person shooter game where you join your friends to take part in various missions. The game was amazing according to players already and now it’s getting the new Alpha 16 update that will add new Afghanistan-themed map and 2 new helicopters, according to HappyGamer.

According to the article ‘Squad Gets 2 New Helicopters On September Game Alpha 16’, “When it comes to its gameplay, fans have been citing its squad-based concept as a major turn-on. With it, they could feel that they are in a real military world while battling opponents. The Squad video game’s new helicopters would help in accomplishing the objectives according to their uses. The MI-8 Hip is for transportation purposes. Meanwhile, the UH-60 Grouse serves as Blackhawk. A word of caution, though! These choppers are not easy to fly and manipulate. In short, the players must learn how to use them to ensure that they are maximized”.

This means that flying the new helicopters will not be easy and it will need a lot of practice. Even on Reddit, many players have been sharing their views on how the helicopters help the Squad players in various ways. Many discussions took place on the online community of the game on Steam and one of them was a discussion about parachutes.

There are many mixed opinions in the discussion like “Mixed feelings on parachutes. Would it just be for the crew? If it’s going to be infantry available, there needs to be something to make those infantry balanced (I.e. No specialist/fire support roles) compared to ground squads”.

And some of them even questioning the idea of parachutes in the game such as “I think this game has struck a perfect balance between arcade and realism. Do you think every soldier gets a parachute when entering a heli irl? No. Let’s not make this more arcady then it already is. Maybe you should try one of the BF games”.

What do you think about the Alpha 16 update? Is it perfect or do you think more features such as parachutes should be added? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.