Dark days for Harvey Weinstein as Annabella testifies 

“A number of women are standing against in the Harvey Weinstein case. Actress Annabella speaks her heart out first.”

New #MeToo movement has waved on in Hollywood as actress Annabella Sciorra has started the testimony against the American former film producer Harvey Weinstein. Annabella in her cracking and emotional voice gave testimony that the former producer raped her 25 years ago as she helplessly tried to get away from him. “I was punching him. I was kicking him. I was just trying to get him away from me, and he took my hands and put them over my head,” Annabella told the jury in the sexual assault trial. She said stretching her hands trying to demonstrate how the former advanced aggressively towards her.

Annabella and Harvey met at a party in Los Angeles in the 1990s. She was a growing star then. As time passed, she said some “inappropriate” gestures started on by the other side. Fighting the tears, Mrs. Annabella testified that the former producer forced her onto the bed as she sought to fight him off, sexually assaulted her.

Mrs. Annaballe she had no romantic interest in Weinstein and they were casual friends. She said the attack left many emotional scars on her soul. She began to drink heavily and even cutting herself. Sometimes, she stated, she would slice her hands and fingers and paint the wall in “blood red.”

Several women are standing with Mrs. Annabella against Mr. Weinstein. Though Mr. Weinstein is facing the charges of rape and criminal sexual act based on the allegations of only two women. The judge is allowing others to testify against him to establish a pattern of behavior. Though most of the allegations are too old to qualify as crimes according to the state law.

Actress Ellen Barkin, tweeted to support Sciorra as she was waiting to get into the courthouse.

None of the accusers reported the alleged events before the dawn of the #MeToo movement. 

Mr. Weinstein’s lawyers maintain that the actress is lying and willingly had sex with him to advance her career. The lawyers also point out that she could not remember the exact dates and several other details and discredited her testimony in the case.

The trial expects to end in March, this year.