COVID-19 Tracker Is Now Available On Android Phones Via Google Play

Google confirmed that a COVID-19 Tracker is now available on Android phones and other mobile devices via Google Play. Google & Apple agreed to come together to develop a novel coronavirus tracker. That will help install contact tracing and slow the continued spread of the pandemic. Company’s decision to push the contact tracing system to Android phones via Google Play services. Certainly, it doesn’t surprise since it is pretty much the only way. That the company can ensure the system rolled out to Android phones within a reasonable time frame.
Unfortunately, yet, this also means that the technology will not be directly rolled out to Android phones sold in China. As well as Huawei phones sold around the world. While Google’s Play services banned in China, Huawei’s latest phones do not ship with Google Play services. Due to the imposition of a trade ban by the U.S. plans to publish a framework for Huawei. And other Chinese manufacturers, which will allow them to replicate the tracking system. That it is developing in partnership with Apple.


Google is not allowed to export the contact tracing system on all the Android phones in China. Including Huawei devices that sold around the globe after the restrictions. From the United States implemented and prohibited from releasing the software to Huawei. Which means that the contact tracing system cannot apply. The company addressed the issue by developing a framework that companies like Xiaomi, Huawei. And other Chinese manufacturers can replicate for their Android products to have a secure tracking system. The strategy provided by the company to address these restrictions launched last year. To provide more recent versions of Android. Yet, the project’s mainline updates are still open-sourced.
The company refused to provide any comment about the system and clarified that they are still unsure. Whether to offer the code audits to the companies that restricted from the system but want to develop the same update.