#CoronaVirus Update: Death Toll Tops 10,000 in New York

New York’s death toll from coronavirus is now on top with 10,000 deaths. Hospitals are still seeing 2,000 new patients a day, Gov. Andrew Cuomo tells on Monday.

The state tally 671 new deaths on Sunday. It was the first time in a week’s daily losses dip below 700. Still, the governor notices a large mass is still dying at a “horrific level of pain and grief and sorrow”.

“This virus is very good at what it does. It is a killer,” Cuomo says during a news briefing.

Cuomo states almost 2,000 people find the virus on Sunday and are in hospitals. Though by numbers, the ones discharges and deaths amount to under 19,000 who are in hospitals.

Meantime, New York City is in danger of running out of swabs for COVID-19 tests. The city is urging medical providers to continue testing only patients who are gravely ill. This is the statement from the city health department in a memo to health care providers.

“As the swab supply continues to decline, there is a real possibility hospitals will completely run out,” the April 11 health alert tells. “At this time, providers are reminded to only test hospitalized patients to preserve resources that are needed to diagnose and appropriately manage patients with more severe illness.”

The warning came amid pleas from New York City and state officials for the federal government to provide widespread testing. It is to move to a containment period in the coronavirus outbreak.

“If the president of the United States or anyone else wants a recovery — and we all want it, right? But if you’re serious about it, you can’t do it without widespread testing,” Mayor Bill de Blasio says.

The city’s health commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, tells the city “won’t be able to get this over the finish line. If you will if we don’t have the supply that the mayor is calling for or the assistance of the federal government.”

Tests of 462,000 people in New York are done till Sunday afternoon. This is the data of the state. Of those, nearly 189,000 are positive cases.

Because of rationing, just 44% of tests are in the state. All of these were done in New York City. Even though the city represents 74% of the state’s necroses from the virus.

There is also a lack of testing capabilities. This is partly due to the rationing of personal protective equipments. It is for the people who would have to administer them. This is also on the verge as officials are doing widespread testing of hospital and nursing home staff. They might be passing infections of coronavirus to each other and patients.