China Raises Coronavirus Death Toll to 4,632 After Wuhan Data Review

China’s total coronavirus death toll has revised up to 4,632, up from 3,342. Following the release of new data from Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. The central Chinese city where the coronavirus first emerged late last year. Has revised sharply upwards its death toll from the disease. Admitting people died at home and cases missed as hospitals. Struggled to cope in the early days of the outbreak. The change, detailed in a social media posting by the city government on Friday. Increased the death toll by 1,290 about 50 percent bringing the total to 3,869.
The city government said in a social media posting that it had added 1,290 deaths to the tally in Wuhan. Where the global pandemic emerged and which has suffered the vast majority of China’s fatalities.

From Coronavirus, the disease caused by the virus. China has come under increasing pressure over the coronavirus pandemic from Western powers. Led by the United States, which has raised doubts about Chinese transparency. And is probing whether the virus actually originated in a Wuhan laboratory.
China has said the virus emerged from a Wuhan food market. Whose merchandise reportedly included exotic wild animals sold for human consumption. Wuhan’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters cited several reasons for the missed cases. Including the fact that the city’s medical staff overwhelmed in the early days. As infections climbed, leading to late reporting, omissions or misreporting

Deaths in China

It also cited insufficient testing and treatment facilities. And said some patients died at home and thus their deaths were not properly reported. More than 3,000 people had been infected before China’s government told the public that a pandemic was likely, something officials had concluded six days earlier. The risk of sustained human-to-human transmission was also downplayed, even while infected people entered hospitals across the country and the first case outside China was found, in Thailand.
Deaths in China

Officials even sought to shift blame to the U.S. for the outbreak, with foreign ministry spokesman “Zhao Lijian” tweeting without evidence “It might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan … The US owes us an explanation!”


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