Cardi B Dazzles in Cutout Nicolas Jebran Dress at The Hollywood Reporter’s Stylist Power Dinner alongside Kollin Carter

On a star-studded evening in Los Angeles, Cardi B turned heads at The Hollywood Reporter’s Power Stylists dinner. This celebrated event honors the top 25 stylists in the entertainment industry, as highlighted in the publication’s latest issue.

A Vision in Black

Cardi B and Kollin Carter

For this special occasion, Cardi B, accompanied by her stylist Kollin Carter, showcased her unique sense of style in a striking black Nicolas Jebran midi dress.

The dress, notable for its sophisticated cutouts and an elegant thigh-high slit, perfectly complemented her figure. She paired the dress with sheer tights, stylish pumps, and a sparkling clutch, completing the ensemble with an updo hairstyle, eye-catching blue contacts, and meticulously applied makeup.

A Partnership That Breaks Boundaries

Cardi B

Since 2017, Cardi B and Kollin Carter have been a formidable team in fashion. Their collaborative effort has consistently pushed boundaries, with the 2023 Met Gala serving as a prime example of their innovative approach.

Dressed in a custom Chenpeng Studio gown, Cardi B paid homage to Karl Lagerfeld with a creation that merged the iconic elements of Chanel with her distinct flair. “Karl Lagerfeld was such a force, so I wanted to pay tribute to him but also incorporate elements of Chanel, one of Cardi’s favorite houses,” Carter explained, reflecting on the inspiration behind the look.

Overcoming Industry Challenges

Cardi B and Kollin Carter.

Despite their success, Cardi B and Carter have not been strangers to challenges within the fashion world. Cardi B opened up about the difficulties they’ve faced, particularly in fitting her unique physique into the often restrictive standards of high fashion. “There are so many obstacles against us,” Cardi B shared, acknowledging the struggle to find acceptance in a size 2-centric industry.

Yet, through perseverance and talent, they’ve managed to make a significant impact. “Our door was closed many times, but we’re here because we do it well,” she asserted, highlighting their resilience and dedication to excellence.

Celebrating Stylistic Genius

The Hollywood Reporter’s Power Stylists issue serves as a testament to the creative forces shaping celebrity fashion today. Among those honored were Jason Bolden, celebrated for his work with Nicole Kidman and Michael B. Jordan, and Molly Dickson, known for styling Sydney Sweeney and Lana Del Rey, showcasing the diverse and dynamic talent within the industry.