Brigitte Nielsen Ready to Get Infected With CoronaVirus For $4500

Brigitte Nielsen says she would purposely be infected with coronavirus if she got paid for it. Nielsen is a Danish actress, model, and reality television personality. This statement from the actress comes amid the major outbreak of the coronavirus all around the world.

Nielsen joins the panel of The Talk as a guest co-host on Tuesday. She was talking in on the recent news of a medical testing company in London. Hvivo is looking to pay volunteers around $4,500 to participate in a vaccine trial. It requires them to get an infection with a strain of coronavirus.

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CoronaVirus Diagnostic Tests

The news reads that as many as 24 human guinea pigs will get £3,500 to take part in the trial. For this, they will get infectious with a coronavirus and will ban them from physical contact with the outside world for two weeks. Those steering part will lie in a special quarantine lab in east London.

Scientists are striving to produce a vaccine by next winter to protect the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

A whole of 20 firms and public sector organizations are practicing around the globe to develop a cure. Investment of more than $2bn (£1.53bn) until now worldwide. Boris Johnson pledges a further £46 million for research into a coronavirus vaccine and rapid diagnostic tests.

UK preparing the vaccine for coronavirus

About Vaccine

The Prime Minister states the funding during a travel of a Bedfordshire laboratory. Here British scientists are running on a quick and cheap way to diagnose coronavirus.

There is currently no vaccine accessible to protect people against Covid-19. But Mr. Johnson says he hopes one will be ready in about a year.

Brigitte Nielsen was responding to this news in the show. “If I was in my 20s [and] feeling healthy I would definitely be a guinea pig,” says Nielsen.

She continues, “In my 20s I could need the money and I feel like if you’ve gotta get infection, do it when you’re overlook by doctors.”

Panelist Marie Osmond echoed Nielsen’s sentiment.

“I would have in my 20s,” she said. “I would do that just to help other people, I would.”

Viewers head to Twitter to weigh in on Nielsen and Osmond’s willingness to take one for the team. Some saying they didn’t exactly feel the same way.