Bill Gates Not Happy About US Measures To Contain COVID-19

America Missed It

 It looks that the Microsoft Cofounder is not happy with the measures taken by the US government. He says America misses its chance to contain the coronavirus without mandatory shutdowns.

“The US is past this opportunity to control (COVID-19) without shutdown,” Gates states during a virtual TED Connects event. “We did not act fast enough to have an ability to avoid the shutdown,” Gates continues.

Third Worst Hit Country


The US has become the third-worst-hit country across the globe. With approximately 600 deaths and nearly 50,000 cases across all 50 states. The list includes Washington, D.C., and at least three US territories.

Those numbers, however, are likely to climb as the US proceeds to ramp up its testing efforts. The efforts are woefully slow in comparison to those of other countries.

“In terms of testing, we’re still not creating that capacity and applying it to people in need,” Gates tells. He reaffirms his earlier comments about testing in the US not enough.

More state and local governments are telling residents to remain in their homes in recent weeks. This results in one in three Americans now under “stay at home” orders. But Gates tells the time to take such measures was back in January.

Gates also adds that, despite a potentially “disastrous” impact on the economy, the shutdowns should last for six to 10 weeks. That timeline echoes Gates’ previous comments about the steps other countries should take to contain the virus. 

President Trump

Donald Trump in white house

On Monday, President Trump went on a Twitter binge aiding the US economy to go back to business as usual within 15 days. Despite most public health experts advocating against lifting the containment measures to reopen the economy. These predict that the disruption could last for several months. The list includes Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the top officials on the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force.