Bigg Boss 14 winner is Rubina Dilaik, who takes the trophy and the prize money

Host Salman Khan declared Rubina Dilaik as the victor of Bigg Boss 14 on Sunday. Artist Rahul Vaidya joined the Shakti entertainer on the finale stage.

The champ declaration occurred after live democracy, permitting fans to decide in favor of their top choices one final time. While making the victor declaration. Salman Khan referenced that the number of votes between them was negligible.

Finalists and Winner:

Aside from Rubina and Rahul, Aly Goni, Rakhi Sawant, and Nikki Tamboli were the main five finalists. While Rakhi decided to leave the show in tolerating Rs 14 lakh, Nikki and Aly were removed. While Bigg Boss 14 began a red hot note for famous individual countenances, the diversion remainder before long went down definitely.

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Rubina and Rahul, be that as it may, stood apart from the beginning, given their solid characters. The two celebs were at loggerheads continually, and here and there even with no explanation. They even admitted as of late that they don’t have the foggiest idea or comprehend what prompted such a lot of hostility between them.

While Rahul blamed Rubina for being definitive, manipulative, and exceptionally presumptuous, the Shakti entertainer asserted Rahul didn’t regard ladies.

One of TV’s most adored bahu:

Rubina entered Bigg Boss 14 close by her significant other Abhinav Shukla. While handling inquiries regarding their relationship on the debut night, the two showed up as a joyfully hitched couple.

Nonetheless, throughout the show, Dilaik, in an assignment. Uncovered that their marriage was at a junction, and they have considered separation. She said Bigg Boss was a method of giving their relationship another opportunity.

What’s more, it just so happens that Rubina and Abhinav fortified their bond. They acknowledged they were perfect partners during their visit to the house.

The ‘spouse’ in her went to the front when Kavita Kaushik. She talked about her past condition with Abhinav while in the house. When she continued attempting to incite Rubina against her significant other, the Shakti entertainer hit back, avoiding her to stroll with regards to the show.

All the more as of late, while at first Rubina grinned through Rakhi’s innocuous playing with Abhinav, she sprinkled a container of water on her when Rakhi went too far by calling Abhinav names.

Of fights with herself and the world:

While Rubina Dilaik figured out how to win in adoration. Companionship was not something she won effectively on the show. Eager to locate her genuine neighbor Jasmin Bhasin on the show, the two produced a simple fellowship. Fans also were anxious to see this female holding, which is very uncommon in a show like Bigg Boss.

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After Salman Khan blamed Jasmin for being Rubina’s manikin, the previous began removing herself from this companionship. And afterward, during the Panchayat task. Where the two were set in opposition to one another, their fellowship finished.

While Rubina attempted to express the desire for peace on various occasions, Jasmin would not have it. Strangely, Jasmin’s closest companion and now sweetheart Aly Goni has an alternate assessment and thinks about Rubina as probably the nearest partner in the house.

Rubina Dilaik was never a top choice in the house:

As most felt she has a prevalence complex. She would frequently see the entertainer providing lessons and orders to other people, encouraging her success the tag of an ‘educator’.

Not one to accept it without a fight, Rubina has taken on her conflicts and had a battle with pretty much every competitor in the house. The Choti Bahu entertainer even kept up that she had no information. On how the game is played and clarified everything in detail. Host Salman Khan even struggled with Rubina and would frequently lose his temper while associating with her.

The entertainer, nonetheless, was unified with a significant heart and would be the first to connect on the off chance that somebody was low. Most hopefuls have commended Rubina’s compassionate nature and how she puts stock in failing to remember and excusing.

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About the winner Rubina:

Not the somebody to pursue invulnerability, the entertainer upheld her companions during captaincy assignments. However, she never figured out how to substantiate herself in real-life pressing difficulties. She is being called a wolf in sheep’s clothing. When she would give up the entirety of her convictions and rules to help companions. However, that never stopped her from holding her friends and family hands through difficult stretches.

Rubina Dilaik is the solitary candidate to have remained in the Bigg Boss 14 house from the very first moment. From facing conflicts with others and herself. Her great excursion finished with bringing home. The desired a prize and monetary reward of Rs 36 Lakh.