Basavaraj Bommai of BJP will be the new CM of Karnataka: After 32 years

Basavaraj Bommai might have joined the BJP party Way back in 2008. Still, his family’s political history came with a full circle just today after his name was announced as the next Minister of Karnataka. His father, Sr. Bommai, occupied that position for a brief period in the 1980s, made many differences for Indian politics.

The Minister of State will now succeed in the 78-year-old Yediyurappa BS, who announced his resignation on Monday after weeks of speculation.

BJP veterans are considered the highest leader who lives today from the Community of Veerashaiva-Lingayat Karnataka, which is 16 per cent of the 68 million state population. His departure is a risky business for BJP because the party has strong support from this old segment.

Although it is impossible for anyone claims that focusing on Mr Bommai as a replacement is easy, they can easily justify the choice.

An MLA from Shiggaon in the Central Karnataka Haveri Regency, Mr Bommai is also Lingayat. Even though the term ‘Basava’ also means a cow in Kannada, it proclaims the name of the Basaveshwara, founder of the 12th-century community.

According to the Governor’s office, the oath-taking ceremony will be in a greenhouse in Raj Bhavan. The 61-year-old leader also said that he would take an oath of office on Wednesday.

Born on January 28, 1960, Bommai held a home, legal portfolio, and parliamentary affairs in the Yediyurapa government. He also serves as a water resource and Minister of Cooperation. Bommai’s decision to stay with a party when Yediyurappa went and launched the KJP and his ability to get Yediyurappa’s trust after returning to BJP was said to have worked for him.

The Karnataka minister and Janata leader Dal S.R. Bommai joined BJP from Janata Parivar in 2008. Despite being a blue-eyed boy Yediyurappa, his ability to defend the party was valued by everyone.

Graduates in mechanical engineering and farmers and industrialists by profession began their political careers with Janata Parivar. He was elected as a member of the Karnataka Legislative Council. In 1998 and 2004 from the Constituency of the Local Authority Dharwad. The former CM and Janata leader Dal S R Bommai, he joined BJP from Janata Parivar in 2008.

Before joining BJP, he was with Janata Dal-United, defected, along with 22 other people JDU. After joining BJP in February 2008, when Yediyurappa became the primary minister, he was elected with the Assembly of the Shiggaon Constituency in the Haveri District.

Ironically, since his faithful socialist father, a Janata party leader and then Janata Dal, most remembered for a landmark battle at the Supreme Court – Sr. Bommai versus Union of India – he fought after losing his government Karnataka. Such defection. Judgment in the case put specific guidelines on misuse of article 356 by the central government to impose the president’s government in countries with unfriendly governments.

Basavaraj Bommai began his political career with Janata Dal and was a member of the Karnataka Legislative Council. He served as Political Secretary to the former Main Minister JH Patel and the Deputy Opposition Leader at the Board. Since crossing, BOMMAI has remained a belief close to Yediyurappa and has risen in the party ranking to laugh at the State House Ministry of Helmets and, before, Ministry of Water Resources.

A mechanical engineer with training, he worked for Tata Motors at Pune for three years before turning into an entrepreneurship. Married MS Chennamma, Mr Bommai has a son and a girl and is a permanent resident of the Dharwad District. The interest includes reading, writing, playing golf, and cricket.