Apple Releases iOS 13.1: The Fortnite And PUBG Bug On Mobile Fixed

Apple released the infamous iOS 13 update on September 19th, 2019 and they immediately received humungous negative feedback from the users. iPhone users were experiencing a lot of bugs including an infamous one with PUBG and Fortnite for mobile devices. The bug was with ‘clawing’. It’s a term used in FPS (First Person Shooters) and TPS (Thirst Person Shooters) that requires to you have your fingers ready on the various required buttons.

‘Clawing’ is an old term that is in use from a long time for console games and it got its name by the position your hands are in while using this technique. According to the article “Fortnite Or PUBG On Mobile You Might Want To Wait Before Updating To iOS 13.0”, there was a new feature in iOS 13 that popped up a text editor bar on the top of the screen when touched with 3 fingers. The feature proved to be a nightmare for PUBG and Fortnite players as it was interrupting them while using ‘clawing’.

‘Clawing’ on Fortnite and PUBG mobile requires you to use 3 fingers at a time. One finger is for walking/sprinting, the other for aiming, and the third for shooting. This is a famous technique and it helps a lot of players to save some time while hunting for targets. Both the communities went crazy when this happened and a lot of gamers even raged over this bug.

A player even went on to tweet about the issue tagging @PUBG_Support and @PUBGMOBILE. @CODE_Akash tweeted “⁦@PUBG_Support⁩ ⁦@PUBGMOBILE⁩ iOS 13 text editing gestures killed 4 finger claw. Touching with 3 fingers will open the above bar in game(screenshot). Please release a fix for this. Total game killer at the beginning of season. #iOS13 #PUBGMOBILE” sharing a screenshot of the bug.

The thread has a lot of sad and disappointed gamers sharing their stories with each other. Epic Games addressed the issue on their online community on Reddit informing that the bug fix will be there in iOS 13.1. PUBG developers Tencent Games also addressed the issue in their game telling players not to update to iOS 13 and to wait for iOS 13.1 instead. This shows that both the studios care for their players and want to provide them with the best experience.

Now, Apple has released the new update iOS 13.1 and they claim that the issue isn’t there anymore. However, we are still waiting to hear from mobile gamers who reported the bug in the first place. Have you installed iOS 13.1? Is the bug really fixed? Please let us know in the comments.