Apple is Designing Face Shields For Medical Workers

Apple is designing face shields for medical workers and separately has sourced over 20 million masks. Through its global supply chain. The CEO of apple Mr. Cook made the announcement on Twitter, saying that “its design, engineering, packaging, and operations teams. Are working with suppliers to get the shield made and shipped. The first shipment delivered to Santa Clara, California, hospital last week. The shields are fully adjustable and assemble in under two minutes. He said, adding that Apple plans to ship over a million this week and another million weekly after that.
Apple is aiming to produce 1 million face shields per week. Tim Cook said We’ve launched a company-wide effort, bringing together a product. Designers, engineering, operations, and packaging teams. And our suppliers to design, produce, and ship face shields for health workers. He also said, “Our first shipment delivered to Kaiser hospital facilities in the Santa Clara Valley. This past week and the feedback from doctors were very positive”. Apple’s face shield design can pack 100 to a box and also can assemble in two minutes.

Doctors across the country have said-that a shortage of personal protective equipment. Like face shields and masks put them at risk during the COVID-19 outbreak. Cook also said, “that Apple has donated 20 million N95 masks to organizations that need them”.  Because of the coronavirus outbreak. Apple’s corporate employees in California are currently working from home. And its retail stores outside of China closed indefinitely
Tim Cook
Apple plans to ship more than one million shields by the end of this week and a further million each week after that. So far the company has been working to distribute them across the US but plans to expand elsewhere soon. Cook also said, “Our focus is on unique ways Apple can help. Meeting essential needs of caregivers urgently and at a scale, the circumstances need”.