Amazon: The Responsibility They Hold For Unsafe Products

Amazon is an American multinational technology company occupying E-commerce and digital streaming. It is the world’s largest online marketplace and one of the world’s most valuable companies. In terms of Market Capitalization, it is the most valuable retailer in the United States.

When you buy a product on Amazon, there is a little guarantee that what you’re getting is safe to use. As per records, it seems that more than 4,000 products are unsafe to use, which vary from faulty motorcycle helmets to magnetic toys and many more. Those faulty products have caused serious, sometimes even fatal injuries to the buyers. Some more reports suggest that Amazon has opposed more than 60 federal lawsuits over product liability in the past decade.

Products from Amazon

Some Major Cases

 “A vape pen purchased through the company explodes in the pocket, leaving a 17-year-old with severe burns”, according to reports. Talking about other cases, an allegedly faulty ladder bought from the website resulted in the death of the buyer. Two days after Christmas in 2014, a fire started in someone’s house in the US and is thought to be caused by lights purchased from the company’s website. According to the firefighters who arrived at the scene, they found a man unconscious and face-down in the house.

The company seems to settle cases depending upon the circumstances. Like in this case, they cleared the lawsuit considering that the man succumbed to his death. That liability means conventional retailers have to be accurate about the products they stock, making sure that every item on the store shelves is safe and in perfect working condition. States have passed different versions of product liability laws, but they all put the burden of fault on more institutions than the original manufacturer.

Finally, The Role Of Amazon

Amazon acts as a direct seller of products, while also providing a platform for third parties to sell their products. As Amazon adds, Marketplace is more like Craigslist than Home Depot. The company is providing technology to connect two people — a buyer and a seller — but anything that goes wrong is their responsibility. Marketplace products are often low-cost for consumers, and sometimes less reliable than other products. Because Amazon is a platform for sales rather than a seller, the company has far less liability for anything that goes wrong. However, since the marketplace is highly associated with Amazon, any mishap due to products sold on the website can very well backfire on the company.

Is Amazon the only problem?… No, The reports only mention Amazon once, as an example. Instagram, eBay, Wish, Rakuten, and Alibaba are all under the same roof.

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