Amazing Dog ​’Magnus’ Work Out With His Owner In A Video

An amazing video showing is Labrador therapy dog ​​named Magnus to work out with his owner. He helps him by holding his legs down and acting as a weight throughout push-ups. 

He is a cute 3-year-old dog from Newyork with 38.7k followers and 423 posts. The video is the great moment that a Labrador therapy dog ​​ dutifully supports his owner throughout his workout.

Video Also Captioned With

Working out is always better with your bestie! Tag your workout partner and comment below on your favorite type of workout. ❤️????????

He also acts as a weight during pushups. The video begins with the Labrador Retriever lying in front of his owner’s legs while he is sitting, with both legs on his right knee.

The energetic Magnus is then seen as a weight by balancing on the back of its owner while doing push-ups.

The dog then does downward-facing yoga exercise by reflecting his owner. He presses his face to the ground while holding his back legs straight.

And then, while the owner does more push-ups, Magnus alternately raises his left and right hands as he moves up.

As his owner does more push-ups, Magnus alternately gives his left and right hand as he moves upwards

The Magnus then relaxes its paw on the head man while the man pushes his face to the ground.




People Give So Much Love To The Magnus

A follower commented, on the video “Sweet Such a sweet dog.” While another one commented, “you’re not workout buddy but you are my workout inspiration!”

One follower said, “I need a buddy like this to motivate me.”

From a follower, “This is the best thing on Instagram.”

Magnus Instagram profile showing many cute pictures and videos

 In one video, he is wearing different clothes.



While in other he is sleeping with teddies



In another, he is seen relaxing his paw on the steering wheel of his owner’s car.