Almost 17 months later, the residents of Mumbai get tickets to take a local train

Return of trains and local malls on Sundays, and relaxation in Timing for restaurants, fitness centres, spas and salons are welcome to starvation towns, eat, and shopping choices during a pandemic.

The resumption of the train services for the fully vaccinated residents brought freedom for citizens who were waiting to take a local train for 17 months. “I worked at Sarvodaya shop in Ghatkopar and lived in Mumbra. Today I can travel by the train which is the fastest, cheap and comfortable mode of transportation. Besides that, I can take the train anytime or late at night now. This is a gift Good at i-day, “said Mohammed Iqbal, an employee.

The restaurant reported a 60% warm business improvement with several dinner reservations for Sunday night and many more questions. It is separated from the fact that many Mumbaikars go out of town during a long weekend. However, the mall welcomed several visitors, primarily due to the state’s mandate that all visitors be fully vaccinated. Their associations demanded that those who had taken a single dose be allowed to enter.

Finally, freedom for many Milmaikar is waiting to take the old local train. On Sunday, which also was celebrated as the 75th Independence Day in India. The train allowed commuters with a double vaccine (and 15 days later) to take a local train. It also announced 173 additional services, 99 on Western trains and 74 in the railroad centre – from Monday to serve in a hurry.

The number of monthly season tickets issued in CR and WR based on offline/universal online pass vaccination across a 1-lakh sign on Sunday; Touching 1.3 lakh.

The rush of passengers on the 1st day the subway was reopened for the general public picked up in stages in the afternoon after luke-luke-response. There is a sense of freedom to take the train from shop workers, mall employees to those who work in private companies and restaurants. Some even put messages on social media that ‘it is a fun day for freedom’.

Office visitors who work on Sunday said except for occasional Mega blocks, train trips are always a smooth journey over the pre-pandemic period. “Only after Covid-19 hit that I had thought twice before ordering an expensive uber ride or planned to take the best bus where the waiting time was longer at the stop,” said Girish Sawant, who travelled from Santacruz to Parel.

Russa commuting is expected to increase on Monday, the first weekday for private companies, and then on Tuesday when government staff, who have a vacation on Monday (Parsi New Year), join.

The commuter part complains that the train must also issue a daily ticket. VK Srinivas, who was waiting at the counter at the Dadar Station, said: “I have to go to the hospital at the Parle Vile for an examination for 2-3 days which I will not need feedback. They have to issue tickets instead of just providing monthly feedback. ”

Girijaprasad Dubey, a senior citizen, has the same complaint. “I have planned to meet my relatives in Diva. I want tickets for Rs 20 but finally, get a monthly pass for Rs 215. I might not travel for more than 2-3 days in the next month, and this seems to be an expensive journey for me. Why can’t the train release a daily ticket?

With additional services starting Monday, WR will run a total of 1,300 services, up from 1,201, and CR 1,686, up from 1,612. In the pre-covid period, Wr Ran 1,367 service and CR 1,774. At present, WR and CR cumulatively carry 2 passengers lakh. Before the lip, 80 lakh passengers travelled in locals.