After suffering serious injuries in a terrifying accident, Jay Leno cancels his appearance.

According to recent rumors, Jay Leno has been forced to postpone performances after suffering serious injuries in a tragic accident.

TMZ reports that Jay Leno was taken by ambulance to a burn hospital in California after sustaining severe burns on his face. According to TMZ, Jay was in the garage where he keeps his collection of high-end automobiles when one of them caught fire.

According to a source with direct knowledge of the incident, Leno’s left side of his face was scorched by the flames. Thankfully, it appears that neither his ear nor eye were damaged by the flames.

Although Jay Leno is well renowned for many things, his passion for his large collection of automobiles is likely what makes him most well known. His character on the most recent episode of Last Man Standing paid respect to his pastime.

His future hasn’t been determined yet. This story is still developing.