Uber Eats is Adding a Donation Button in its App For Restaurants

Uber Eats is adding a donation button in the app for customers. Who want to contribute extra money to their favorite restaurant to help out during the coronavirus pandemic. Uber also plans to match each dollar-for-dollar contribution of up to $ 3 million. To the Restaurant Employee Help Fund, with a more donation of $ 2 million also to the fund. Uber says 100 percent of customer donations will go directly to their restaurant of choice. Before, Uber said, “It would give up delivery fees for independent restaurants. To boost businesses that suffer as the coronavirus disrupts daily life. Uber’s food delivery service is also working to deliver free meals to more than 300,000 health workers as part of its effort.
Uber Eats
New York City restaurants working with Uber Eats notified by the company about the new donation effort. Restaurants in Uberother markets will notify of the donation feature in the coming weeks. Uber doesn’t explicitly ask for restaurant permission before setting the donate button. But the company says restaurants can easily opt-out if they choose to.

The Restaurants

The Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. Managed by the educational fund of the 100-year-old National Restaurant Association. A major lobbying group representing more than 500,000 restaurants. Restaurant industry employees and workers who have affected by COVID-19. Including a decrease in wages or loss of employment, are eligible to apply for grants from the relief fund. The grant money will be given as soon as possible. To affected workers after they have been “Reviewed and verified by NRAEF”.
Contribute Button
Uber is testing a couple of different contribution amounts to offer as options to customers who want to donate. The company provided screenshots that have a $ 2 option.
Along with GoFundMe, recently came under fire from restaurant and bar owners. For automatically opting tens of thousands of small businesses into fundraisers, Unlike Uber. Set up the fundraisers without informing any of the participants. And some restaurants said the opt-out process. In the event, they were hosting their own fundraisers did not want one automatically set up by Yelp, which was unnecessarily burdensome.