The End Of Fortnite?

The End Of Fortnite?

The latest live event called ‘The End’ of season 10 of Fortnite ended with an explosion followed by a black hole and a blue aura around it. Many players are getting impatient as they stare at nothing but just a black hole when they login to Fornite. And for those who weren’t playing during the time of the event, get welcomed by an error message on a cosmic style screen.

In many gameplay videos uploaded online, we can witness the end of Fortnite. It started with a rocket taking off in from the middle of the map and then disappearing into space. As the rocket left, it started creating rifts in the environment. And it resulted in more explosions which in turn created more rifts. At the start of season 10, there was a meteor suspended in the air that remained stagnant throughout the whole season.

The End

This was the case until the final event ‘The End’. As a result of the rifts, the meteor started to move and soon it got sucked away and then it fell on the ground. This resulted in a great explosion that sent everything including the characters flying and then stuck in the sky. Just 4 seconds after that, a point of singularity got created. Due to the explosion and the rifts that sucked everything including the characters in itself.

A few seconds after that, players were stuck with a small black hole surrounded by a blue aura on the screen. Since then, the game has just been that… a black hole surrounded by a blue aura. The live feed of the black hole is being streamed on Epic Game’s official website and Fortnite’s official YouTube channel. The stream has nothing but the live feed of the blue aura moving around a black hole.

Many people are thinking that Fornite is now ended. As they are able to see only the black hole when they start the game up. On the other hand, we can speculate that there will be another season. Which seems to be set up in SPACE by the looks of the season 10 shenanigans. This means that we might be introduced to new maps, skins, weapons, and more in a season that will be out of this world (pun intended)!!!