Tech Buffs Prefer Google’s $400 Pixel 3a Phone to Apple’s $1,000 iPhone XS – Here’s Why

Thousands of consumers have expressed their delight with Google’s new phone, the Google Pixel 3a. This is largely because the smartphone is affordably cheap and ranks in performance with top-of-the-shelf rivals. A case in point here is Apple’s iPhone XS which costs $1,000 with almost similar features and performance with the Pixel 3a.

While people tend to think that the higher the price of a product the highest its value, this may not be necessarily true where Google’s Pixel 3a is concerned. Reviewers say the smartphone works just as well as those that cost double its price. Reviewers and early users of the Pixel 3a base their opinions on several factors that will be examined here:

  1. The Google Pixel 3a is way cheap at $400

Both the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL come at a low-priced $400, which is less than half the price of the Apple iPhone XL. In fact, there is the iPhone XR which is produced to be way cheaper than average Apple flagship phones at $750 – a price nearly twice that of the Pixel 3a. Yet Google’s phone does as much as what Apple’s phone does, demonstrating that price is not everything where quality is concerned.

  1. Pixel 3a has an incredibly superb camera

Ardent phone lovers are always crazy about cameras. And the Pixel 3a is not disappointing in this regard. The details revealed in every shot is amazing and the color spectrum in photos keeps phone owners snapping away. The Google Pixel 3 costs higher than the 3a, but the camera quality in both is identical. This same camera quality compares favorably with other flagship smartphone brands.

  1. Power and performance packed into a combo product

Mobile phone reviewers disclose that there is no slowing down when using several aspects of the 3a at the same time. It does not seem to matter to the phone if you are using Google Maps, Spotify, Slack, and using Google Messages all simultaneously. You may even activate the phone’s camera while doing all the listed without any visible lag in the phone’s performance or response. And that is something mobile device consumers are willing to pay premium amount for.

  1. The Pixel 3a features a wide and crystal-clear screen

The 3a comes with a OLED screen that is 5.6 inches wide. The Pixel 3 comes with a slightly smaller screen at 5.5 inches. The 3 XL has 6.3 inches screen and the 3a XL has 6.0 wide screen. The resolution of the 3a is also great and very bright and sharp. Whether users desire to take pictures with it or watch feature movies on the phone, the screen size and resolution combine to give a memorable experience that lasts a lifetime.

  1. Long-lasting battery life

Whether in countries where electricity stability is eternal or in regions where power is almost non-existent, the battery power of the Pixel 3a seems to last forever – or more appropriately put, for days. Users and reviewers reveal that the battery held out for 2-3 days even when watching videos or playing games at full brightness. And in case where all you do is make calls and check emails intermittently, then you can expect this phone battery to last for three days or more.

More can be said about the headphone jack that comes with the 3a and the casing and feel among others. But the general experience with users is that the Google Pixel 3a packs more punch than its ongoing price of $400.