Sashi Movie Review: This story of love and friendship hardly makes an impact

Aadi Saikumar Sashi has arrived in theaters on March 19, 2021. Surbhi film, Aadi, Raashi Singh, and Rajiv Kaan. The film was written and directed by Srinivas Naidu Nadikatla. Fans and critics instead love movies, and overall it has accumulated a positive response from the audience.

The storyline and the plot of Sashi

Sashi is a romantic drama that revolves around Raju and Sashi. In college, both Raju and Sashi quietly loved each other. But after an unfortunate incident, Sashi left the city.

Raju did not even get the chance to meet him for the last time. Two years later, Sashi returned to the city but did not recognize Raju. Srinivas Naidu Nadikatla wrote and directed the movie Sashi.

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RP Verma, Chavali Ramanjaneyulu, and Chintapudi Srinivas Rao are the producers of Sashi. The banner of the Sri Hanuman filmmaker.

The film also features Raashi Singh, Jayaprakash, Rajeev Kindala, Viva Harsha, and Ajay in an important role. Arun Chiluveru compiled the music film. Amarnathi Bommireddy carried out the film biogeography while Satya G had edited.

Sashi Srinivas Naidu Nadikatla craves to navigate stories through new regions. But the journey is tiring mainly because the cliche path is needed. Take an example from the opening scene of the movie. When he brought love to the hospital, and the scenario shifted into the past.

The review of Sashi:

This is a storytelling trope that we have seen in various films. It’s ranging from Arya 2 to Mahanubhavudu, and this is where the problem starts to appear.

In this flashback, we are once again introduced to the protagonist. He drank while taking a bath, sharing a tense relationship with his family. They gladly sang how valuable life, and then sadly stared at it. The Visakhapatnam horizon at night with a glass in his hand.

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Raj Kumar’s face was recognized by screaming ‘tragic past’, A bit in a flashback?

Yes, but we don’t get to the root of his depression personality quickly. We have to get it. It looks like. Maybe this curiosity and a bit of depth in disturbed family dynamics made the film involved during the first half.

There is a small payment in the end. The most touching moment in this emotional hollow film was when Mrs. Raj explained the fate of their financial status to her drunk son, who could hardly pay attention.

As involving the brothers of Raj (Ajay), such a moment beautifully captures the carelessness of Raj and its impact on the people around him, but they are sporadic.

The disadvantage is we have seen everything. When the ‘hero’ dropped his sister on campus, we knew he would fight a group of Ragging students. When the hero visited the temple, we knew he would see the Sashi Hero (surbhi) for the first time.

From Kushi to Naandhi recently, love-at-first-sight. We expect it to get along with cliches like this. Climax, where Sashi’s father (Rajeev Kalam) realizes that Raj is destined as his daughter’s emotions. Which reminiscent of Nuvvu Nachav The train station settings only add to this. We can predict what will happen from a mile. The dialog does not leave space for smoothness.

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Not just the lack of new things is the problem.

Mani Kumar Chinimilli’s journey introduced several utas, like Raj Sunitha’s friend (Raashi Singh). He had feelings for him, with Brother Raj in a financial position to marry his lover.

However, none of them found closure. Screenplay bites more than that can be chewed and spends a lot of time on unnecessary and unconnected comedy tracks involving Vennela Kishore – which is an offensive limit with Urdu-Telugu being a jokes’ buttocks.

Calling Sashi drabs will not be fair. There are stories that seriously with many buried hearts somewhere under all cliches. Arun Chiluveru’s music pumps oxygen into a moment without a soul and relieves the emotional void to a certain extent, but can do only so much music.