“Monsters At Work” review: Pixar Show is all the horses and humor, foam and fear

Something which is philosophically very compelling about the Monsters Inc universe is the belief that fear and humour may be closer than we think.

The fact that you can spend your whole life chasing fear as a job:

But no longer need a “scarecrow” in Monstropolis, but replace it with a “joker”. It can also be quickly learned to imitate your scary jump. Otherwise, why would a clown become so divisive? Are you seen as funny and scary characters, more unpredictable, more convincing?

Monsters At Work was developed by Bob Ganaway and is rethinking this idea. Starting with Pixar Animation’s Monsters Inc, in a web show format of 10 episodes of 20 minutes each. Monsters Inc of Monstropolis, whose slogan was “We fear because we care”, has now been renovated, the room redesigned to tickle rather than scare. “That’s the laugh we were looking for.”

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Those in charge – led by Sully (John Goodman) and mischievous villain Mike Vazovsky (Billy Crystal). A remnant from the Monsters Inc films – try to feed Monstropolis with the “power of laughter”. Meaning to make the children “laugh, sing.”, gufau, tee-hi”, every laugh generates enough energy to keep the city moving.

Tyler Tuskmon, tall, broad, dark purple with horizontal horns and emerald eyes:

He is invited to work as a “scarecrow” at Monsters Inc.. When he arrived, he had made significant repairs scarecrow had been replaced with a comedian. The “simple physics of physical comedy”. Its horns and things hanging from them like coat hangers should make it perfect for Work.

But somehow, it didn’t work. He has no natural “talent”, so he has to stick around instead. As he has to find a way to reflect on the respectable position. Ten episodes are his odyssey. To see if he can jump from horror to joker. To see if he wants to jump from horror to joker. He holds the key to the question of the immediacy of humour and horror. Are you close?

He now works at MIFT (Monster Inc. Facilities Team), responsible for maintenance – “If any part breaks, we fix it. When a machine needs servicing, we service it. “His friendly and impressive bosses Fritz (Henry Winkler) and Val (Mindy Kaling).

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The ripe-eyed, knife-like crab (Alana Ubach). And the always suspicious and charming Duncan (Lucas Neff) are some of the oddballs they Reject. Think of better, deserve better, fall in love and then fight for him.

As such, Tyler is the protagonist, which means that he is given a rainbow of morality in most episodes. He can recognize inner goodness – and receives a rainbow of introspection through the episodes. If he wants to be a joker or MIFT -ер. This confusion is not as etched and nuanced as it should be.

To burden the character with so many metamorphoses:

The show chose not to give him the overbearing behaviour he gave to everyone around him. This means that in this way, his personality is largely deprived of his personality. Personality at Monsters Inc is usually one-dimensional – it’s not a criticism but a quality.

The first two episodes are in the setting of this tectonic change – from horror to humour. But also the eccentric setting of a variety of new characters. It wasn’t until the end of the third episode that we finally got the emotions that rocked. The show when these exaggerated characters ended up. Provoking not only our laughter but our compassion as well.

In this episode, we finally get Val to reveal what made him fall in love with Tyler. We also asked Mike to express his affection for someone other than himself. The comedian has a heart! From here, it flows smoothly and is saturated with details of world formations. Stagnant air, rotten dogs, snot candy, car panels, Vincent Van Gross, Chloe Monet and others.

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It has been discovered that with Monsters At Work, Pixar is now on Marvel’s path. To extending the life of its IP in web series format. Creativity is more valuable in developing an existing storey than creating a new one.