How Basketball Changed The Game Of Sneakers

The whole world knows how popular Air Jordan shoes are, especially in America. We have all witnessed the long queues, of mostly men, waiting in line to purchase a pair of Jordans when a new line comes out. The fascination with these sneakers is at the same level as the fascination with Apple products. Where did the sneaker popularity hail from? How Basketball Changed the Game Of Sneakers?

Sneakers revolutionized the footwear industry. When they were introduced since they brought in a new way to look casual and smart. Sneakers were originally used as athletic shoes only but people started using them as everyday shoes and the popularity caught on among both men and women.

Converse Shoe

In 1917, the Converse Shoe Company created the All-Stars line of Converse sneakers. The tag, All-Stars, attributed to the stars of basketball All-Star team in the US. To further enhance the popularity of this line, the company named the shoes after Chuck Taylor, who was a player in the All-Star team. They even included Chuck Taylor’s signature at the side of the shoes. With Chuck behind the brand, people became more interested in owning shoes that were linked to their favorite celebrity. Celebrity branding became a wave that is still active in these current times because people are easily attached to a person than a product.

The Nike Air Jordan had the celebrity backing of Michael Jordan, one of the most popular NBA players, whom the shoe was named after. The Air Jordan’s popularity further increased when the player was banned from wearing the dramatically colored red, black, and white sneakers on the court when playing.

sneakersSneakers are the favorite shoes of many people ranging from men, women, and children. These shoes have changed over time with more colors being introduced to appeal to various preferences. And add pomp and color to people’s closets. Most sneakers either sit right at the ankles of the wearer or go a bit higher than the ankles to resemble ankle boots.

Elevator Sneakers

Elevator sneakers have also revolutionized the sneaker industry by making it possible to appear taller in their everyday shoes. It’s now possible for both men and women to add a few inches to their height. By wearing GuidoMaggi height increasing sneakers that come in a variety of styles and colors to fit everyone’s needs.

Elevator sneakers can attribute their popularity to traditional platform shoes and wedge sneakers. Platform shoes entailed an extremely high and large outer sole that was hard to miss. Whose popularity increase when rock stars embraced the trend. Wedge sneakers are a form of elevator shoes due to their concealed height increasing concept. The wedge sneakers have an inclined plane sitting inside the shoe and in some cases; it’s hard to notice the wedge because the sole resembles the rest of the shoe.

GuidoMaggi elevator

GuidoMaggi elevator sneakers discreetly increase your height through the raised insole that sits inside the shoe. The insole is made as part of the shoe hence the sneaker fits like a normal shoe. GuidoMaggi height increasing shoes present a wide selection that is sure to fit anyone’s taste. And, the best part is that you can customize the sneakers to your ideal height and color.