Since its release on 13th September 2019, Borderlands 3 managed to be one of the most popular video game releases of 2019. The game Happy Spooktober in itself is great and now with Spooktober in motion. A limited-time event called ‘Bloody Harvest’ will be available as we get closer and closer to Halloween. New and exciting features and characters will make it to the game.


IGN uploaded a video on its official YouTube channel on 20th September 2019 discussing the various expected features that will be an addition to the game as a part of the limited time ‘Bloody Harvest’ event. In the video, they said that the event will include new enemies, areas, and gear. It will be one of the first free limited time events of the game. Players can expect haunted enemies that will have the power to mess up the various skills and abilities of your character.

They also mentioned in the video that players will have to fight a new boss called ‘Captain Haunt’. Who is the re-animated body of ‘Captain Truant’ (a character in the main storyline).

According to the article “Gearbox Borderlands 3 Is Getting A Halloween-Themed Event”, “According to developers, this is one of several free events coming out for the game this year. The event is including a new map, enemies, and of course, loot. As far as the map, everyone who’s departed from Pandora in the main campaign will have access to it. There will be ghostly enemies who chase after you. After you kill them, their entities will still pursue you. It’s an interesting take that we have yet to see in a Borderlands game”.

This means that players will get to play a lot of free limited time events in Borderlands 3 and ‘Bloody Harvest’ is just one of them.

Are you a Borderlands 3 player? How excited are you for the ‘Bloody Harvest’ event? Do let us know in the comments below.