‘Eternals’ Review: This film is a disaster of intergalactic proportions

As much as you feel in a place where superhero movies do. It occupies a place in the cultural landscape of the last decade. There is certainly something sad about the fact that directing has become a critical success factor for such a talented young director.

You excel in your field, as Chloe Zhao did when she won the Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture last year. For his contemplative indie street film Nomadland. And you ceremoniously receive Marvel’s car keys. Black’s massive CGI vehicle that can move and shoot through holes. Plasma bursts from the headlights, but always moves in the same direction to reach a certain location.

That’s not to say that Zhao’s Eternals is no different from the average Marvel offering.

This is a film with clearly depicted gay male relationships, s*xual scenes (rating PG-13). Among the other two main characters. The first deaf superhero in the Marvel movie world (Lauren Ridloff’s Reels). And a selection of different most epic superheroes available.

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The Eternal is sociologically inclusive and beautiful as any film. In the series, she bathes scene after scene in the warm light of Zhao’s favorite time, the “golden hour” before sunrise. But it’s also one of the weakest Marvel movies I’ve ever seen, distorted and faded.

Action unfolds over time in locations around the world (and across the galaxy). However, there’s still that weird, claustrophobic feel of the Saturday afternoon series shot entirely in a windowless studio.

The Eternals, a group of immortal pseudo-gods, were created thousands of years ago. From more powerful cosmic beings called celestials. He found refuge like an ordinary human. As the Fastos group technician (Brian Tyree Henry) points out – something from the IT department is divine.

It requires regular heating so that your neighbors never notice that you don’t look old. It shows us the flashback that permeates the first half of the film. That the members of Eternal witnessed many of the greatest atrocities in human history. Siege of the ancient city-state of Tenochtitlan by Spanish colonial rulers. The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

But according to ancient laws, this is no different from the “ultimate clue” in the Star Trek universe. The Eternals were forbidden to meddle in human affairs. You can save lives step by step. But they cannot use their superpowers to prevent global problems stemming from bad moral choices.

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This places the immortal in an existential, even religious dilemma:

For what purpose were they created, if not to use their divine abilities to help their beloved planet? Is it possible to face Arish (voiced by David Kay), the celestial space giant? Heavenly Father – who has dictated his every move for thousands of years?

When the earth is threatened again by a race of monsters called Deviants. Herd of obscure lupine animals with CGI, made of gray extensions that appear to be tied together. The immortal must be reunited. Their leader Ajak (Salma Hayek) is half retired on a quaint ranch in South Dakota. He seemed to glow in a cowboy hat and vest with a shirt to get the crew out of their various hideouts around the world.

One of the timeless masterpieces with this best correction and massive multi-character story. The closest to the protagonist is Cercy (Gemma Chan). By day he worked as a teacher at the Natural History Museum in London. And he limits his superhero efforts to his free time. Cercy’s ability is the ability to transform any material into another material. A useful skill when a large falling object is crushing a child.

Like twice in the early Eternals scene. Sercy also has a mortal friend, Dane (Keith Harrington), who is unaware of his extraterrestrial history. With whom he has been romantic for centuries (he has been there, sister). And who is now foolishly helping perverts fight? But his seemingly invincible ability to shoot laser beams from his eyes as he soars through the air.

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There were more and more Eternals.

Gilgamesh (Don Lee) is a super strong lover whose main job is to watch the fickle Tena (Angelina Jolie). Tena suffers from a kind of madness caused by immortality. Which makes them regularly pounce on their immortal brethren as if they were enemies; When this happened, his eyes turned into colorful balls, a good look for him. The power of which produced an indestructible golden sword from nowhere.