COVID-19 hits America at its best and becomes the primary source of death in the U.S.

This week is said to be the worst in America because the number of deaths that happened this week due to COVID-19 was 11,820. Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation declared the figure of death in the U.S.

If you compare this number with other disease occurred in America, then you will not more amaze to know that these are the highest death occurring disease. The other disease is lung cancer (3,965), ischemic heart disease (10,724), bronchus, and tracheal.

As per the Johns Hopkins University, the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. has exceeded 14.3 million, and the number of death noted was 278,500.

According to the White House’s used model, if the current trend continues, then the number of deaths will hit around half a million by March 1. While that model also said that if Americans used to wear a mask, then it’s a possibility that it could save 66,000 lives in the next four months.

As per the new guidance of “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” in each activity, whatever one has to perform outside his/her house, they need to wear a mask compulsory. They also said that if anyone comes in the touch of COVID-19 due to a crowded area, then they should wear masks inside their homes too so that they can prevent their family members.

The highest death rate in the city of America is in Illinois; that rate raised by nearly 14 percent in two weeks, according to the COVID tracking project.

As per the Johns Hopkins University, If we talk about the daily cases, around 11 states are fed up with this coronavirus, with more than 217,000 new corona cases nationwide. The amounts of patients you can see can fill Michigan’s football stadium twice.

A respiratory therapist at IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis name Jody White said that if things will run like this, then there was the shortest place to put these peoples.

While states are struggling to meet Friday’s deadline for the Pfizer vaccine’s distribution plan, it looks like the shipment may not be sufficient to cover it the first time.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers looks tensed about the delay of vaccine after backlogged test and PPE deliveries. He wrote to Health and Human Services Secretary Mr. Alex Azar, “the distribution of vaccine is going on, while our state is not in the state to afford to fail of promises again.

Meanwhile, it looks like Americans are taking more risks because there is a gathering of around 150 peoples like Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz for the New York Young republican’s annual gala on Thursday night. The officers were inspired to close down the New Jersey venue.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said that anyone could harm another person living in another state; maybe it’s their peoples.
Leticia Lara knows the difficulty from before. She won and survived COVID-19, but her young 18-year-old daughter, a special child, did not survive.

Lara said, as my world is ending day by day because I feel lost and broken.

Here got some promising news about Coronavirus Vaccine from Moderna. As per the new report, the trial participants still have protective COVID antibodies present in their bodies three months after their second dose.

It’s all set by A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee to meet on Thursday to discuss the Pfizer vaccine’s approval.

After that’s approval, the vaccine made by Moderna will also be taken into consideration after a week of Pfizer’s launch.